Action #5: Redistricting

Legislative redistricting aka “gerrymandering” has been a partisan issue and it needs to end. There is a simple solution: take away the decision from legislators and have non-partisan committees draw district boundaries.

Watch “Adam Ruins Everything: Why Rigging Elections Is Completely Legal

Legislators have an inherent conflict of interest in setting legislative boundaries. By being setting district boundaries, Legislators are essentially picking their own constituents.

“In safe districts, elected representatives have little incentive to compromise — their constituents encourage partisanship — while representatives of swing districts have more incentive to compromise, lest they be ousted the next election by someone less ideological.”

-Hamline Professor David Schultz in 1/31/2017 Star Tribune op-ed

H.F. 314 is being heard in the State Government Finance meeting Tuesday, February 20, 2017 at 1pm. H.F. 314 proposes a state statute that legislators determine redistricting (as opposed to an independent, non-partisan committee). Please call or email the Committee Chair Sarah Anderson (who also happens to be the author of the bill) and express opposition to H.F. 314

Express support for H.F. 246: establish a non-legislative commissions to help with redistricting (similar legislation in CA and AZ has been upheld in U.S. Supreme Court approving Arizona commission).

Extra credit if you contact your home legislators!

Find your representatives in Minnesota


MN State Senator Nick Frentz (DFL) District 19, Mankato

MN State Representative Jack Considine (DFL) District 19B, Mankato/Eagle Lake


MN State Senator Dave Senjem (R) District 25, Rochester
Twitter: @DSenjem (unverified)

MN State Senator Carla Nelson (R) District 26, Rochester
Twitter: @sencarlanelson

MN State Representative Duane Sauke (DFL) District 25B, Rochester
Twitter: @duanesauke (unverified)

MN State Representative Tina Liebling (DFL) District 26B, Rochester


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