Action #6: Redistricting, continued

A group of us met with Senator Dave Senjem (R-Rochester) this morning and discussed SF 370, which would establish a non-partisan, independent committee to facilitate the redistricting process that takes place each decade. At our meeting, Senjem said he would talk to Senator Jason Isaacson (DFL) about potentially signing on as a co-author.

This bill acts in the long-term interest of maintaining equitable representation that avoids gerrymandering districts to serve the party in power.

Please email your MN Senator and ask them to support SF 370. I’ve been in email correspondence with Senjem and he has replied 3 times on this issue, so let’s join forces and turn up the pressure in the Senate!

Note- Carla Nelson (R-Rochester) is on the State Government Finance and Policy and Elections Committee, where this bill currently sits and waits. Bonus points if you email Nelson to get her to take action as well!


Dave Senjem, Rochester:
Carla Nelson, Rochester:
Nick Frentz, Mankato:


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